eIVP Series
(Intel® Movidius™)

EverFocus joined Intel® IPA as a Gold tier member in 2020.

About eIVP Series

The new EverFocus eIVP series of intelligent industrial computer products can be used as in-vehicle mobile network video recorder (mNVR) devices. This series of products are equipped with Intel® Movidius™ AI core module, which can detect the entry and exit of suspicious persons or vehicles. Our products can be equipped with AI technology developed by EverFocus or customized in the software by the customer for their specific application which can protect vehicles, minimize liability or improve routes thus saving on costs and sending telemetry through 4G for remote tracking.

The eIVP can also be installed as smart security systems in commercial fleets to prevent theft of goods or equipment and assist driving vision; for public transportation fleets, the eIVP can maintain the safety of passengers by providing real-time monitoring images and confirming road traffic conditions. The eIVP can also be used in diversified application fields, has excellent adaptability and outstanding performance. Just like Transformers, EverFocus Electronic Industrial Computer Products are an excellent choice for large-scale fields!

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