Linkence is excited to announce the partnership with Microsoft and AAEON on Equipment Conditional Monitoring Solution ​

Linkence, Microsoft and AAEON on Equipment Conditional Monitoring Solution

The Equipment Condition Monitoring Solution integrates both hardware devices and software services to provide users a quick and easy deployment solution. Including not only a total solution, but also a maintenance/customization service, it provides you a perfectly fitting solution for timely monitoring and distribution of equipment.​

For this application, AAEON deployed the SPG-M041 Smart Protocol Gateway to remotely manage pumps that are deployed and functioning. With multiple I/O interfaces, the gateway can easily collect data from the equipment to provide status monitoring and control via RS-485 and digital input (DI)/ digital output (DO). With this data, the management system can clearly display the status of each pump, including engine conditions, pump condition, power status, and physical location coordinates by leveraging Modbus/MQTT and Microsoft Azure service for high-availability remote management via 4G network. When the flooding starts, and after it stops, the management team can turn the pumps on and off with a simple click of a button. With the Azure service, the end customer could enjoy the IoT service (IoT hub, Azure ACR, Device Update, Azure DPS etc.) and data storage service (Blob Storage, SQL Server and Cache) with clearly data dashboard, equipment distribution and status monitoring for better condition monitoring purpose.​

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